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At PureHavenSA™, our slogan ‘Healing The Source, Restoring The Balance’ embodies our commitment to enhancing renewed beauty inside and out, fostering a sense of radiance and vitality. Begin your journey toward complete well-being, promoting balance in lifestyle, and elevating your overall health.

Our products feature premium-grade natural ingredients, ensuring they're beneficial for your well-being.
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Health & Beauty Supplements


Health & Beauty Supplements

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Ready to embark on a journey to better health? Join our Body Detox Online Course for alternative health methods and therapies. Enroll now and get a FREE PDF Booklet filled with Kiss My Keto 101 Recipes, including delicious options for Breakfast, Main Courses, Snacks, Smoothies, Desserts, and Side Dishes.

Meet the founder

Kathy Harding

With over 14 years of dedicated experience in the Alternative Health Field, I’ve delved deep into Emotional and Thought Field Tapping, serving as a Mindset Coach.

Founders Top 5 Favorites

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Organic Cold Pressed
Castor Oil

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The magnesium spray works wonders for my sore muscles and arthritic joints … Joyce has been professional and knowledgeable about all the products and offered advice above and beyond to ensure i got the best service possible.

Stephen Twine

Great knowledge of her subject and very passionate to help in healing mind and body. I love the products – exceptional quality. Client since 2019. May you go from strenght to strenght, God Bless.

Adele vd Berg

I’ve been a loyal customer of PureHaven for several years, and I wholeheartedly endorse their exceptional services and products. Their commitment to professionalism and genuine care is truly remarkable.

Jean Paton

In business it has been stated, that one must strive to give a Competitive Price, Good Quality and Excellent Service. One can only ever achieve 2 of these, so the Wise Men say.
Wrong, at Pure Haven I have only ever had all three(3). You have got to go a long way to beat that.

John Mann
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