About Us

Wahida Dawood

Wahida is a self-motivated alternative therapy practitioner with extensive experience in Energy Healing, a modality focussed on restoring the body to equilibrium.

Wahida readily identifies underlying emotional root problems, and effectively combines various healing techniques and touch therapies to promote deep healing and trauma releases, ultimately leading to holistic well-being.

Her journey in therapy began 14 years ago, with the brith of her brain injured baby girl Ilhaam.

Functionally paralysed, Ilhaam’s challenges and neurological condition found Wahida searching for answers, learning and exploring every avenue of healing, both locally and abroad, to give her child the opportunity to heal and recover.

Wahida attended child brain development courses under the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Singapore, Italy and U.S.A.

Her fascination of the brain, its mechanics, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis was kindled and awakened as Ilhaam went from paralysis to mobile within a year of intensive rehabilitation at home.

Every milestone was an enormous achievement and took lots of sweat, tears and hard work.

In addition, Wahida is a certified Access Bars Consciousness Practitioner and has also done the Enneagram personality course, a model of the human psyche.

Kathleen Harding

Kathy is a Holistic Health Counsellor by profession and passion. She hails from the Diamond city, Kimberley.
Her background includes years of experience in the banking sector, Credit Control, and she is a businesswoman.

Kathy’s journey began from the age of 4. Her mind and body questioned, probed, discerned and discovered energies, frequencies and emotions. Her awareness was heightened and intrigued.

When Kathy’s Dad suffered a stroke, he lost function with: movement, speech, recognition and taste. He swelled and suffered kidney failure and she observed the changes in her father with the loss of brain function. Even with the best medical care, answers were not found for treatment and healing.

Kathy is a mind-body healer, qualified in health and nutrition. With focus on life-style coaching to help people find balance and inner peace through life-long physical, mental and spiritual health.

She also has experience in massage, skin care, nutrition, Anatomy, formulated products, Naturopathic diet and Hydrotherapy.
Kathy uses integrated techniques that support the natural healing process to reduce: stress, chronic pain, digestion disorders and depression.
She has strong interpersonal skills to build client confidence and she connects with her clients.