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My journey into this transformative practice was sparked by a pivotal moment—a severe motor accident that abruptly ended my sports career and led to necessary neck fusions. This firsthand encounter illuminated the intricate connection between emotions, thoughts, and physical well-being.

Approaching my sixties, my passion is to share these insights and guide others through their unique life journeys. Whether your experiences are labeled positive or negative, I’m here to help you grasp the significance of every twist and turn. Specializing in trauma-based cycles, I leverage my own emotional journey to identify and address energy blockages, aiding in the resolution of your emotional and psychological challenges.

In addition to my coaching services, I’m thrilled to introduce the Body Detox Online Course, a comprehensive journey curated by me. This course sheds light on the profound connection between mind and body, revealing hidden health insights. Designed for convenience, participants have the flexibility to learn at their own pace, all from the comfort of home. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate, signifying not just the conclusion of a course but a significant stride toward a healthier, more balanced life.

Our products feature premium-grade natural ingredients, ensuring they're beneficial for your well-being.
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