Master Trading Course

This is not for beginners or for people wanting to just be given trades. (For best result we recommend you to complete the Advanced Trading Course first).

Being a competent trader or preferably higher with a commitment to become a Master Trader.

  • An exciting learning environment that will be both challenging and exciting.
  • Our master traders have achieved the highest level of Elliot Wave, Supply and Demand, Point and Figure, Leveraged Trading, Spotting the trends and mid-cap and micro-cap trading.
  • This is not for the casual trader, but for people who truly want to master the art of trading and are serious about being profitable.
  • Competent traders of any age would receive the greatest benefit from this course.
  • Your trading skill and knowledge will be taken to the highest level, which will translate into not only more profitable trades, but less stressful trades.
  • This is an academy of master traders who meet regularly and go through charts, setups, and ideas. It is an open forum for debate and learning.
  • Each of the Master traders has their own style of trading and this leads to diverse ideas at times.
  • Webinars will be held daily during the week where our master traders will be present.
  • The current market has become very volatile with not only big swings in Bitcoin itself but with changes in the focus of investors from major cap coins, to mid-cap coins to the micro alts. The diverse nature of trading skills in our master traders enables us to capitalise on all these markets as they become flavour of the month.

Starting from $150.00 pm
Starting from $400.00 90 days
Starting from $1500.00 365 days

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