Advanced Trading Course

Basic skill in crypto trading required. (For best results we recommend you complete the Intermediate trading course first).

Ideal for skilled traders who want to take their trading to the next level.

  • You will learn to leave the trading skills behind that “Retail” traders use and enter the level where institutions and bigger investors play.
  • Mastering these skills will put you in a new level with your trading.
  • Supply and Demand Zones – identity selling areas and buying areas.
  • Fibonacci – How to apply the Fibonacci tool in trading for perfect buying & selling.
  • Advanced RSI analysis. Identify different kinds of divergences and use to advantage.
  • Incorporate Fibonacci into your RSI analysis.
  • Elliot Wave – Understanding the emotions of the market to your advantage.
  • Learning the complex structure of the waves and how to statistically plot them.

Interactive videos, PDF’s, and periodic live webinars.

Self-paced learning

Can be retaken at any time at no cost – Certificate on completion.

Unlimited Life Time Access

$350.00 (Once off)

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