Allergies Pack


Pack Consists of:

MSM Powder Capsules
Colloidal Silver
X-Malabsorption Capsules

Dosage: as per prescribed on label
All containers contain x 60 Capsules


MSM Capsules:
  • aids with the maintenance of skin, hair and nails
  • aids with collagen synthesis / plays a role in tissue reparation
  • Relieves gout and arthritis
  • Contributes to healthy joints
  • Many glucosamine users experience increased benefits when adding MSM to their supplement to alleviate pain and inflammation, in general
It is part of the amino acid-chain. Its main function is to help physical growth.   Colloidal Silver is known to assist with:
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-Bacterial
Silver has been successfully used to kill staph infections, including MRSA and has shown success in deactivating the herpes simplex virus. Silver applied to infected areas can kill ringworms.   X-Malabsorption is known to assist with:
  • strengthen heart and arteries
  • prevents blood clotting
  • promotes circulation in general
  • prevents high blood pressure
  • prevents hemorrhoids
Disclaimer No claims are made by Pure Haven Pty Ltd or its shareholders that such medicine / supplements are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The medicine / supplement has not been evaluated by the Medicine Control Council (MCC). Kindly consult your Medical Doctor / Physician prior to use of any Products.