Program #10

Regeneration and immune defenses#10

Activates cellular self-repair and regeneration processes, increases immune defenses and boosts the metabolism for weight loss.

Delta 20%
Theta 80%



   Cycle of 10 applications

   Once a day

  Afternoon or evening/night, or twice a day in the afternoon for degenerative states or autoimmune related problems


   Cycle of applications

   Twice or 3 times a week

  Afternoon or evening/night

Program description

Cellular regeneration and self-repair is improved by Program #10. The specially selected frequency ranges provide great benefits, even in a very short period of time, strengthening the immune and autoimmune systems, and increases mental and physical well-being through increased production of serotonin (related to good mood) and endorphins (contrasting pain). This is a veritable strengthening and regenerating intervention for cellular vitality that results in long-lasting functional processes. Program #10 recreates the optimal conditions of a holiday for the mind and body from daily stress, offering relief and better rest.

Frequency stimulation interacts both on the cells and on the hormones, creating deep relaxation that improves receptiveness to other useful natural frequencies. Thanks to natural frequencies related to the Earth’s magnetic field (Schumann’s resonance), the body’s cells obtain greater potential so they can attain greater cellular functionality. Because frequency harmonization increases vitality, the cells can increase their cellular membrane potential, obtain greater nutrition and release accumulated toxins. This is necessary to activate self-reparatory mechanisms not only during sleep but especially during the day when we are awake, to effectively eliminate and remove toxins that have accumulated over time. Harmonizing cellular membrane potential is especially important because the body needs appropriate information to activate and repair the cellular processes. This vital information protects the body from the formation of free radicals and contrast degenerative states, chemical pollution in the air, toxins in our food and electromagnetic pollution in our cities, offices and homes.

The combination of Delta frequencies (on the hormonal front), supported by Theta frequencies allows the activation and the production of endorphins, enkephalins, melatonin and serotonin, which contributes to fighting inflammation and pain. Thanks to increased brain enkephalin production, the body benefits from the major pain relieving power of these natural opiates to contrast and prevent the transmission of pain in neurotransmitters. Cells are thus protected from excess stress.

Activating immune defenses completes cellular protection and helps address both cellular alterations and dysfunctions before they can trigger degenerative processes, thus improving benefits from the natural vibrational action of remedies, supplements and vibrational treatments.

Frequent use of Program #10, especially daily use, significantly improves the psycho-physical wellbeing, restoring the cellular vitality that is fundamental for activating regenerative processes and halting cellular aging to improve cellular and organic functions and increase long-lasting energy potential, which boosts the metabolism for definite weight-loss benefits.

Also useful for prevention, to enhance and strengthen your own psycho-physical well-being!

For optimum performance, keep your mobile phone off or set to offline (travel mode).
Avoid direct exposure to wireless sources within 5 meters.

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