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Purely Balanced Agglomerated Collagen Powder: Boost Muscle Strength, Lean Body Mass, and Decrease Fat Mass

Purely Balanced Agglomerated Collagen Powder is a Top Choice for Muscle Strength, Lean Body Mass, Strong Bones, Decreases Fat Mass, Activates mTHOR Pathway for Optimal Results, that’s what Purely Collagen Powder offers you.



Discover the remarkable benefits of Purely Balanced Agglomerated Collagen Powder for enhancing muscle strength, achieving a lean body mass, and reducing fat mass. With its innovative formulation and activation of the mTOR pathway, this collagen powder is a top choice for optimizing your body composition and supporting your fitness goals.

Agglomerated Collagen Powder: A Superior Choice

Explore the advantages of using Agglomerated Collagen Powder over other collagen products. This specially processed powder forms larger, cohesive clusters that dissolve quickly and evenly. Experience a smooth texture and effortless integration into your daily routine, whether you’re mixing it into your morning smoothie, coffee, or favorite recipes.


Type I Collagen for Skin Health

Learn why Type I collagen is the most beneficial for improving skin health. Discover how Purely Balanced Collagen Powder, with its high concentration of Type I collagen, can enhance your skin’s elasticity and overall appearance.

Understanding Peptides

Uncover the role of peptides in influencing fat metabolism and muscle growth. Peptides play a crucial role in providing energy to muscle cells and promoting the synthesis of new muscle tissue. By stimulating the AMPK enzyme, they enhance fatty acid metabolism, resulting in a reduction of fat mass and an improved body composition.


How AMPK Works: An Energy Manager

Discover how AMPK acts as a master regulator of energy metabolism within our cells. Visualize AMPK as an energy switch, balancing energy production and usage. AMPK activates reactions that break down stored fats, increase glucose uptake, and enhance mitochondrial activity, resulting in improved energy production and fat burning.

Purchase Purely Balanced Collagen Powder

Visit Pure Haven’s website to purchase Purely Balanced Agglomerated Collagen Powder, a high-quality collagen supplement that supports skin health and overall well-being.


Elevate your collagen supplementation with Purely Balanced Agglomerated Collagen Powder. Experience the benefits of muscle strength, lean body mass, and decreased fat mass. With its activation of the mTOR pathway and unique formulation, this collagen powder is an ideal choice for optimizing your body composition. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your fitness journey.


  • Bovine Collagen (Predominantly pasture-raised)
  • Light ivory colored, agglomerated powder
  • Neutral taste and odor, excellent solubility in cold and warm water


Halaal certified, not Kosher
Allergens: None
Sugar: None
Dosage: 15g per day
Product origin: Brazil

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1 thought on “Purely Balanced Agglomerated Collagen Powder: Boost Muscle Strength, Lean Body Mass, and Decrease Fat Mass”

  1. Purely Balanced Agglomerated Collagen Powder is a game-changer! 🌟 I’ve been blending it into my morning smoothie, and the results have been astounding. I couldn’t believe the difference when I skipped it for just two days. Thank you for shedding light on the mTOR pathway – I’m thrilled to be on this journey. And here’s the fun part: even my pets love Collagen, and I can see a noticeable improvement in their fur and nails. 🐾💅 This journey is full of pleasant surprises! 🥤🐕🐈

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