Sensory Scan

The Sensory Scanner

An exclusive biofeedback system through resonance

The Sensory Scanner is an innovative device that, based on years of technological development and know-how, can estimate the biofrequency emissions of living beings in order to determine which cellular electromagnetic mechanisms are defective, fluctuating or hyperactive in an organism.

The Sensory Scanner, is able to detect imbalances, identifying possible causes of the symptoms of your health problems in a natural and non-invasive way, with no interference from an operator and without altering your biological equilibrium in any way.

No direct contact is required. The Sensory Scanner detects the cerebral-organic resonance principle, backed by biophysics.
This makes The Sensory Scanner a unique and essential tool for maintenance and prevention even before symptoms manifest themselves.

The innovative nature of The Sensory Scanner lies in the fact that the device is able to react to the uniqueness of each living being, quickly and accurately measuring frequency emissions or absorption’s caused by cellular RNA electromagnetic activity, without any physical contact while the person is being scanned.


This patented technological solution uses a new generation of circuit board able to adapt to the vibrations of each organ within the human body.

Within 1 minute, variations can be detected by the frequency projected by “brain waves” of each individual participating in the Sensory Scan.

There are no side-effects when doing the Sensory Scan. Low frequencies projected by the individual / participant are caught by a unidirectional antenna receiver.


In order to investigate a person’s health status, regardless of how they feel, (the software solutions developed in Italy), assist to prevent dis-ease by doing a Sensory Scanner (PSI Test) biofrequency check-up. This analysis identifies the psycho-physical health true state of the person and the existing biofrequency imbalance that have not yet caused any symptoms.

It also identifies critical situations, that is those in which several systems are defective and do not provide the organism with adequate potential to activate self-repair.

In holistic, psychological disciplines and complementary medicine, The Sensory Scanner improves the analysis of the individual and may integrate any laboratory analysis with the bio-frequency data emerging from the test for a more complete assessment.


The Sensory Scan detects “energy blockages” within an individual; identify the natural and vibrational elements most useful for each organism, but also to select the most appropriate frequencies to activate in the person using the Regenerator Treatment.

Combining the Sensory Scanner and the Regenerator Treatment makes it possible to achieve a targeted re-balancing by choosing the most appropriate program.

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