The Body as Tubular System

The Body as Tubular System

Food goes in the mouth – Down to Stomach – Intestine & Colon & out the Back Door. Our Veins, Arteries, bones; liver; gallbladder; ALL systems consist of TUBES.

In Short (The body as tubular system):

The body is a tubular system and when a tube is blocked, it causes Dis-Ease in the Body – NOT Disease. Eg. If you fit a hose pipe to a tap and open the tap, but bend the hose-pipe at a certain area, no water will flow through. Our bodies work exactly the same. A blocked tube = Dis-ease in the body. Re-open the tubes by cleansing & detoxing so that the body can heal itself.

See the example below to notice our tubular system.


Let’s dive into how our bodies function like a well-tuned system. Imagine a tap and a hosepipe illustrating the colon. If we were to bend the hosepipe and let the tap flow at full force, the connection at the tap would inevitably be pushed out.

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This is the essence of our bodily function: when the colon is obstructed, toxins accumulate and circulate through our system, burdening various joints and organs, pushing them to work harder. By cleansing the colon, we allow these toxins to exit, restoring balance and vitality.

Detox Examples


Has anyone ever asked you whether you are constipated or do you think you have a healthy colon?  Let’s look at an example “let’s say the average person eats 3 meals a day but has bowel (stool) movement every 2nd or 3rd or even 5th day.  If this describes you, then you are constipated. Think about this … 3 meals in the colon and only stool movement on the 2nd day, but on that same 2nd day you’ve had another 3 meals. This is where a quick calculation can be made and in short you have food “rotting / decaying” (which can cause a blockage in the body’s tubular system), call it what you want in your colon because the peristaltic movement (bowel movement) in the colon is lazy. This decaying matter is toxic, and these toxins enter the blood stream to only must once again pass through the liver (which is also under stress and must work harder trying to keep up with your eating habits).

As a result, a whole cycle of toxicity and dis-ease may occur because of being constipated. It is your responsibility to make sure your colon has movement everyday and for this reason we encourage people to make sure to keep the “exhaust burning white” daily. Much the same as a car’s engine, it needs to be serviced to get you from point A to point B. We recommend you include Magnesium Spray or Magnesium Crystals & Spray together with a glass of Grapefruit Juice before bedtime to assist with a normal bowel movement in the morning.  Grapefruit is excellent to cleanse the liver while sleeping. I personally include drinking grapefruit juice before a meal (not during the meal) to assist the liver get rid of toxins and assist with the digestive process. Keep things simple in life, and you will soon restore the balance in your body.

Another choice is the old remedy castor oil every Friday evening following with grapefruit juice for a week end cleanse.

Read here about the circulation system of the body, another important tubular system.

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